Google rolls-out improved Google+ Gmail and Contact integration

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Google rolls-out improved Google+ Gmail and Contact integration

Google has officially announced the latest changes to Gmail and Contacts — deeper integration with Google+. And according to the folks at Google, this will make your Gmail and Contacts “even better.” Of course, leaving their opinion aside and you judging that for yourself — it looks like you will now be able to do things like grow your circles, filter emails and contacts by circles, keep all your contact information up-to-date automatically and share photos to Google+” without leaving Gmail and Contacts. Breaking these down a bit further and we have the following;

  • Circles from email will allow you to see the most recent Google+ post from the person you get an email from. The details will appear to the right-side of the email message.
  • Filtering your email from Google+ means you can easily sort your messages down and even see just the messages from an individual circle. In addition, Contacts can now be filtered down by your circles.
  • Your contact information can now be updated automatically. In short, this means that if your contacts have a Google profile that is filled out, their information will be updated without you having to do anything.
  • The ability to share “effortlessly” directly from your Gmail inbox. This one means that you will be able to do things like share images from an email to your Google+ account with a simple one-click process.

That being said, according to Google — these features will be rolling-out over the next few days and they will arrive for Gmail, Gmail Contacts and Google Contacts users. As for Google Apps users, nothing yet however Google has noted that they are “actively working to make them available.”

Via [Official Gmail Blog]

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  • Nico

    A simple CONTACTS button would have been nice. How do I see a list of my contacts now?