Spotify adds a new Radio feature with unlimited skips

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New Spotify Radio

Just after announcing it’s new app platform, Spotify has announced a new feature for the main app. Spotify now has a new radio, which is actually much better than the previous version of Spotify Radio.

The new Spotify Radio is no longer just based on genres, instead it takes more of a Pandora approach. Now Spotify Radio can create stations based on artists or songs, and it’ll play those stations with unlimited skips even if you use the free service. Clicking on Radio in the sidebar will give you options to start stations based on your most listened-to artists or songs. You can search for artists or songs right from Radio, or just drag songs or artists to Radio like you would a playlist. Of course, if you come across a song you like you can star it to add it to your library, or add it to a playlist so you can listen to it again later.

The new Spotify Radio will be rolling out soon, or you can get it now if you download a preview build of Spotify. I’ve been listening to it as I write this, and it’s a pretty great feature. It’s finally a better way to discover new music you will probably like within Spotify.

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