Amazon Prime Instant Video expands to include Glee and Sons of Anarchy

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Amazon Prime Instant Video adds Glee and Sons of Anarchy The Amazon Instant Prime video library has grown thanks to a deal between Amazon and Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution.

The deal adds more TV shows to the Amazon Prime Instant Video, including Glee and Sons of Anarchy. Right now Amazon Prime subscribers can go watch the first two seasons of Glee, and the first two seasons of FX’s Sons of Anarchy for free. The third season of Sons of Anarchy will be added on Christmas Day, which should give enough time to catch up on the first two seasons. More seasons of both shows, and presumably other shows, will hit once they’re available.

With the deal, Amazon Prime Instant Video is looking to be just about as good as Netflix Instant Watch, though not quite there yet. Netflix still has some movies and TV shows that aren’t on Amazon Prime Instant Video, but it’s fairly close by now. If it wasn’t for the fact that Amazon Prime Instant Video doesn’t work on iOS devices or game consoles, it’d be tempting to say that it’s a perfect Netflix alternative. For now, it seems like a great complementary service to me.

Note: I’ve heard great things about Sons of Anarchy, but if you haven’t seen anything of Glee, watch the first season, and skip the second.

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