Android Market on the web now has device-specific review filters

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Android Market

One of the biggest problems with Android fragmentation is not knowing how a certain app is going to react on your smartphone or tablet. Far too often, the reviews section of several Android Market apps contain comments from people saying things such as,”Not working on my Droid Bionic!” Up until now, you had to assume an app would work on your device as advertised. Over the weekend, Google updated the Android Market on the web to display filters that separate reviews into three main categories.

One filter allows you to only see reviews for every Android device tied to your Google account. Another filter lets you see reviews based on the app’s most recent update, or you can see all the reviews despite what version is currently offered. The last filter divides the reviews according to helpfulness, the date it’s posted or by the rating the reviewer gave the app.

These changes should help users make a more informed decision before buying apps.

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