Kindle Fire software update addresses responsiveness and privacy

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Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a very popular tablet due to its price, size and its brand recognition. However, many users have found the experience on the Kindle Fire to be lacking. Many reviews of the product point out the jerky nature of the user interface and its complete lack of privacy.There have also been reports of spotty Wi-Fi connectivity as well. If you’re experiencing these problems and are ready to give the Kindle Fire the boot, hold out for a couple more weeks. Amazon will release an update that is designed to fix the worst problems customers are having with the Kindle Fire.

The news of this update came from the New York times who spoke with a Amazon spokesperson. The specific fixes for the Kindle Fire involve better multitouch navigation and the option to change what the Kindle Fire displays in its recently opened category.

For some reason, Amazon designed the Kindle Fire to show the last several items that were opened on the tablet. This feature was also extended to web pages. Needless to say, some people don’t want the Kindle Fire to out their recent web activity. This is especially true if the Kindle Fire is being passed around.

Despite its problems, the Kindle Fire is a successful product. The feedback Amazon gets from its first tablet outing should be very useful for when it releases the inevitable Kindle Fire 2.

Via [New York Times]

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