HP TouchPad fire sale had less than 8,000 units and sold out in less than 25 minutes

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HP Touchpad FireSale on Ebay

Did you miss HP’s Touchpad fire sale last weekend? I did. And it seems a lot of people have missed it too or intentionally did not partake of the second discounted offering for the said device. Reports had it that HP was able to sell only 8,000 units of the TouchPad which is a far cry from the number of units sold during its first run of discounted sale a couple of months ago. According to some eBay figures, the 16GB version of Touchpad which was sold for only $99 was able to manage around 2,316 units sold while the 32GB model which was sold for $149 managed to get a bigger sales figure totaling to around 5,534 units sold. Total sales figure for the two models on eBay’s firesale run last weekend was 7,850 units.

One thing that could have probably caused the lackluster sale of the HP Touchpad this time around is the fact that shipping fees were not as encouraging as the prices of the device. HP was charging a flat rate of $19 for shipping cost. Hopefully, HP was not trying to recover cost through high shipping charges as this seem to have backslashed on the overall sale of the device. So, did you partake of the HP Touchpad firesale last weekend? If you haven’t, you can still get the the 16GB and 32GB HP Touchpads from eBay right now by simply following the via link below.

Via [Slashgear] and [HP Touchpad 16GB] and [HP Touchpad 32GB]

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  • Touchpadless

    Why would you have an article with the heading stating the units were sold out in 25 minutes, then write they had lack luster sales and that you could still buy them? It is obvious that the majority of those purchased were to resell at a higher price on ebay. As much as I wanted one, I will never pay an inflated price from those people that bought them to just make a profit. I hope no one else will buy from these people either!

  • Michael Arbor

    These units were refurbished unlike the original ones offered for clearance. They "only sold" that quantity because that is all they had. In what universe is it a bad thing to sell 7850 of anything in 25 minutes? The article also states that the Touchpads are still available and thoughtfully supplies links but there are no more. As readers, we expect and normally receive better informed articles.

    Michael Arbor
    General Manager
    Johnson Photographic Imaging
    Bradenton, Florida