Samsung announces Series 5 Ultrabooks in South Korea

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Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks

Samsung has announced its new collection of Series 5 Ultraboks which are so far only for South Korea.

The Series 5 Ultrabooks come in 13- and 14-inch sizes, and pack Intel Core i5 CPUs with up to 8GB of RAM. The 13-inch models is just 14.9mm thick, and has a 1366×768 display. Inside the 13-inch packs a 500GB HDD with 16GB SSD, Intel graphics, and standard ports like USB, Ethernet, VGA, and HDMI. The 14-inch model has the same screen resolution, but adds a disc drive, and ups the HDD to 1TB. The larger model also sports an AMD HD7550M GPU.

Both Series 5 Ultrabooks models are said to boot from hibernation in 7 seconds thanks to ExpressCache. Samsung also use’s its Fast Start technology to make the machines boot from sleep in just 2 seconds. Both models will be available in South Korea by the end of December with the 13-inch starting at the equivalent of US $1125, and 1-4-inch going for US $1147 for the base model.

Perhaps we’ll see these Ultrabooks show up in the US sometime next year, even if just for a brief appearance at CES 2012.

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