Get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus at a $45 discount when using “VZSucks” as the coupon code

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While we are still waiting for Verizon to make an official announcement in terms of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there are other options for those who feel they must have the handset now. Of course, that means buying an unlocked device and spending a bit more money. That being said, one retailer who happens to be offering the unlocked Galaxy Nexus (i9250) is currently offering a coupon code that will save you a few bucks. The deal is coming by way of Negri Electronics who regularly sell the Galaxy Nexus for $730.50. And well, those making a purchase with coupon code “VZSucks” can save some money and drop the price down to $685.50. A savings of $45. With that, this coupon code is set to expire fairly soon so better not wait all that long before using.

Via [Negri Electronics] and [Twitter @androidandme]

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