Microsoft offers free Windows Phones to victims of Android malware

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Microsoft gives away Windows Phones to Android malware victims

Microsoft and Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph have come up with a great way to promote Windows Phone to Android users that have encountered malware on their smartphones.

Rudolph is asking Android users to tweet their Android horror stories with the hashtag #droidrage. The best, or worst, stories will get their hands on a free Windows Phone from Microsoft. The only downside is that only five Windows Phones will be given out, so your story has to be really good in order to get one.

Sure, that isn’t a huge number of new Windows Phone users, but it’s still great for Microsoft. The hashtag now has quite a few stories of users having bad experiences with Android. Not all of them are malware-based, though, which is what Microsoft is going for. Many of the stories talk about the complexity of Android compared to Windows Phone, or the number of Android devices some have gone through after they broke. That can still be enough to convince some users to avoid Android, though whether they’d go to Windows Phone after is questionable.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has used recent bad news for Android to it’s advantage, and it certainly won’t be the last. Maybe some day it’ll mean more market share for Windows Phone, hopefully.

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