Everyone can get Facebook Timeline right now

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Facebook Timeline

Remember when Facebook revealed Timeline at f8 months ago with the intention of rolling it out in the weeks following the announcement? It has been a long time since then, but Facebook hasn’t decided to get rid of Timeline. In fact, it’s on the way to you now. Timeline is being released to Facebook users around the world today, but those who are impatient can obtain Timeline right now by visiting the Introducing Timeline website and clicking the “get it now” box.

Timeline will completely replace the design of your profile. It literally shows you everything you’ve posted on Facebook and things you were tagged in. As you scroll down, your Timeline continues to expand until it hits the very bottom. You can actually start at the day you were born and view the very first things you posted on Facebook. It’s hard to imagine there was a time when you could only post on walls.

You can also choose to highlight certain posts so they stretch out across your Timeline.

As with anything Facebook related, there are concerns of privacy. That’s why Facebook is giving everyone a week to look over everything on their Timeline before it becomes public. If there’s something there you don’t want to be seen, you can hide it from your Timeline. You can also choose to only let certain people see individual posts. If you do nothing, your Timeline will be published in its current state.

The Facebook Android application was also updated yesterday to support Timeline. It’ll show up as soon as Timeline has replaced your profile. Timeline will also appear on Facebook’s mobile site.

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