Internet Explorer will soon get automatic updates

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Internet Explorer 9Microsoft doesn’t want its Internet Explorer users to be too far behind, so soon it will bring automatic updates to Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Starting next month in Australia and Brazil, and rolling out from there, Microsoft will enable automatic updates to Internet Explorer 8 and 9 on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The idea is that Microsoft wants to give their users an up-to-date browser that will be able to handle the latest HTML5 and be as safe as possible. Microsoft knows that without automatic updates, many just won’t update which is bad for the users’ security and for web developers that try to work around older browser versions.

Of course, Microsoft will have a method to stop the automatic updates. There will be toolkits available for enterprise so IT departments can upgrade the browser at their own pace. For consumers, the updates won’t show up for those who refused to install Internet Explorer 8 or 9 through Windows Update. So this won’t stop users of IE 6 or 7 from continuing to use their outdated browsers. That will take a while, and probably won’t stop until Microsoft forcefully removes the browser from computers or goes to everyone’s home and gets rid of Windows XP on every PC.

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