Radio Shack offers up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon

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In case you can’t find the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in your local Verizon Wireless retail store, Radio Shack reminds us that they will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon across all their nationwide retail stores. More than simply being able to purchase a Galaxy Nexus, Radio Shack even has a super low price for new accounts at $189.99 on a two year contract. However, to upgrade your account, the Galaxy Nexus will cost $239, but that is still cheaper than the $299 Verizon offers the Galaxy Nexus for.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be purchased Direct2U with Radio Shack meaning it will be shipped directly to your home. Overall, Radio Shack provides interested customers with another option for purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at a price that can’t be found in Verizon retail stores.

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