Amazon Wireless is selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for as low as $149.99

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Verizon has officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and now it looks like third-party retailers are having a race to the bottom in terms of the pricing. We have seen some such as Let’s Talk offer for as low as $155 and Wirefly selling the handset for $219.99. Of course, Verizon is still priced at $299.99. And then we have Amazon Wireless who have the Galaxy Nexus priced as low as $149.99. And just to clarify, that $149.99 price point is only for new Verizon Wireless customers. Breaking that price down a bit further and we learn that those looking to upgrade can get the handset for $199.99. And those already on a family plan or adding a new line to their family plan will have to pay a bit more — $249.99. Either way, still less than you would pay direct with Verizon. Otherwise, according to the Amazon Wireless listing, the Galaxy Nexus is backordered and is expected to ship again in 8 to 9 days.

Via [Amazon Wireless]

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