Santa has a Google Voice account and he wants you (actually your kids) to give him a call

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Santa has a Google Voice account and he wants you actually your kids to give him a call It seems that Santa is once again taking advantage of his Google Voice number, except unlike last year when he was calling out to the kids — this year he is asking for incoming calls. That little bit aside, the number remains the same — 855-34-SANTA. And for those who prefer the breakdown without the letters, that number is 855-347-2682. In short, this number is noted as being able to keep us all up to date on the “happenings in the North Pole day by day.”

Otherwise, for those looking for a more personalized experience, you also have the option to create and send “unique” calls from Santa to anyone that you may feel will benefit from such a call. The personalized calls can be set-up by heading to the Send A Call From Santa website.

Via [Official Gmail Blog]

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