A Nexus tablet may be released in six months

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Google Nexus Logo

We’ve seen plenty of flagship Google devices over the past couple years in the form of Nexus smartphones. These are the only phones with the Google stamp of approval to offer a true Android experience without the additional bloatware and customizations manufacturers tend to include on other devices. The one thing we haven’t seen yet is a Nexus tablet. Sure the Motorola Xoom was the first Honeycomb tablet, but it lacked the elegance that seem to accompany every Nexus release. According to Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt, the company will begin to market “a tablet of the highest quality” in six months.

Schmidt confirmed these details to an Italian newspaper called Corriere Della Sera.

We should point out Schmidt didn’t refer to the tablet as one that will have Nexus branding. History has shown that whenever Google backs a product to a great extent, that product tends to be a part of the Nexus family. That’s why we’re assuming this upcoming tablet will have Nexus somewhere in its name.

We can also expect to see a Siri-like competitor from Google sometime next year as well.

It wasn’t revealed who the manufacturer for the tablet will be.

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