Gadgetell Review: Dell 3335dn Laser MFP

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Dell 3335dn Laser MFP

Disclosure: The Dell 335dn Laser MFP was provided by Dell for the purpose of this review.

What Is It?

This is the Dell 3335dn Laser MFP. It’s a laser printer that also functions as a copier, scanner, and fax machine should you need it.

Our Thoughts

Try as I might it’s hard to make a printer sound very exciting. The Dell 3335dn does everything you’d expect it to: it prints, copies, and scans just as well as any other expensiv printer. It can print fairly fast, with most documents taking just just a few seconds to print. The same goes for copying documents.

Setting up the 3335dn was a fairly complicated ordeal, but that was mostly because I wanted to set it up as a network printer. I tried to set it up via ethernet, which worked well at first. Sharing was difficult, however, and there was a problem where it would just refuse to print for some reason one day. After a reboot I managed to get the printing to work again, but there was no reason why the printing wouldn’t work in the first place.

That one instance of the printer not working over the network gave me a chance to try the print from a USB Flash drive feature. It worked well, though it did take the printer about half a minute to read the Flash drive.

There was also an issue that the printer wouldn’t recognize that there was any paper in the tray when I loaded about 30 sheets into it at the start. It kept saying the tray was empty until I went through the menu and said that it did in fact have some paper.

Aside from the few hiccups, the printer worked fairly well. At about $1300 the Dell 3335dn isn’t something you’d get for anything less than a small business, and it seems like it would be great for that. You’ll want to make sure you have at least one IT person to set it up, however to make sure there aren’t any issues. Once you get it working right, the 3335dn is a great machine, but I ran into too many problems just getting it to work to recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to fight with their printer to make it work.

Disclosure: The Dell 335dn Laser MFP was provided by Dell for the purpose of this review.

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