Amazon roll-out latest software update for the Kindle Fire

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Amazon roll-out latest software update for the Kindle Fire

As we had expected to happen, Amazon has begun rolling-out the latest software update for the Kindle Fire. This update brings the software version up to 6.2.1 and with the new number comes a few improvements over the previous version. In terms of what Kindle Fire users can expect to see after installing the update — the goodies include the ability to;

  • remove the pre-installed Facebook app,
  • improved scrolling,
  • an option to require a passcode to turn on the Wi-Fi,
  • the ability to remove items from the recently used carousel.

In short, nothing over the top in terms of new features. But that being said, this update does seem to be offering a few welcomed improvements. As for getting the update, Amazon is rolling it out which means you can sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive on your device. And for those who cannot wait very well, there is also an option to download and install the update manually. If you fall into that latter category and want the update now, follow the Amazon link below.

Via [Amazon] and [Liliputing]

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