WordPress for Android gets updated to 2.0, makes blogging from phones and tablets easier

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Wordpress for Android 2.0

WordPress has updated it’s Android app to version 2.0 to make blogging easier on Android smartphones, with tablets now supported as well.

WordPress for Android 2.0 sports and entirely new design that should make it much easier to use. In every screen the top Action Bar is present, allowing you to switch between blogs or to launch the new Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you quick access to just about anything you could want from your WordPress blog including the ability to make new posts, make new pages, check stats, and check comments. Posting has also been improved to allow for rich text editing. A formatting bar that appears above the keyboard will let bloggers use different text options like italics, bolding, and links. Adding pictures has been improved as well, with more options for placement, titles, captions, and sizing.

As a whole, the new WordPress for Android seems to bring just about everything you could want from the basic WordPress site to your Android device, Sure, it won’t let you change up everything on the blog, but that’s not really something you’d want to do on a smartphone, anyway.

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