Google brings Scribbles to mobile Gmail

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Scibbles for Gmail

Recently Google updated the Gmail for iOS app to add Scribbles for quick pictures, and now Google has brought Scribbles for Gmail to the mobile website for Gmail.

Right now you can go to from any Android or iOS device as well as the PlayBook to play around with Scribbles. It’s just a simple drawing tool that lets users create quick pictures to send to their friends, but it can be fun. It means you’re able to send anything you want as long as you sketch it out. Google is looking for your best pictures from Scribbles for Gmail, and you can send it to them, so long as you don’t mind the fact that Google could upload, share, or redistribute your pictures.

Unfortunately this can’t be used on the desktop version of Gmail, but you presumably would have other sketching apps available on your computer that would be a bit easier to use.

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