Google Voice for iOS updated to add multiple recipients for SMS and Sprint integration

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Google Voice for iOS

Google Voice for iOS has been updated to add some key missing features, but the update hasn’t come without a few problems.

The new Google Voice for iOS finally adds the ability to send text messages to multiple people at once. Now you don’t have to copy and paste your message to multiple people, you can just send it to more than one person at the same time, just like you can do with Messages. If that message is longer than one line, the app will also give you a word count, again just like the native Messages app.

The big feature, however, is Sprint integration. Google Voice for iOS will now send all calls right to the native dialer if your Google Voice number is integrated with Sprint. That should be a big improvement for those that take advantage of the Sprint integration, though not exactly the biggest news for non-Sprint users.

Along with the updates, come a few problems, however. There are complaints in the App Store that the new Google Voice app now longer shows your Google Voice number was the caller ID when you make a phone call. It instead makes the call from your iPhone’s phone number. That could be a bit of a problem if you exclusively give out your Google Voice number to some people because you don’t want them to have your cell phone number. It could also result in calls being ignored if the other party doesn’t know your cell phone number. Hopefully Google can fix this issue soon, because it can cause more problems than the new features are worth.

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