Firefox for Android 9.0 adds tablet support

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Firefox for Android tablets

Firefox for Android is up to version 9.0, just like it’s desktop counterpart, and the version number brings with it support for Android tablets which has been lacking until now.

The Android version of Firefox could work on Android tablets before, but now it actually has an interface designed to work on the larger screens. That new interface is designed to look almost like a magazine, especially when in landscape. In landscape mode, the tabs default to the left side fo the screen, but can disappear to a small corner in the top-left corner where they always reside in portait mode. Those tabs will show a preview of the page they’re currently on when in landscape mode, which is always a nice feature. Of course, the browser still has Firefox Sync to sync everything between your tablet, phone, and desktop. The whole layout for tablets looks very nice and clean. Were I an Android tablet user I’d strongly consider using this browser over the default based solely on the appearance (that is until Google puts a proper version of Chrome on Android).

The new update also brings along faster start-up time, and HTML5 form validation. The browser can also now access the device’s cameras for websites that or web apps that might want to use them, which is a nice feature, but seems a bit superfluous at the moment.

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