Motorola begins updating the MOTOACTV fitness device

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Motorola released the MOTOACTV fitness device back in October, and well, it looks like they have since begun rolling out a software update. This update is available for the 8GB and 16GB model of the MOTOACTV and will bring the version numbers up to the following;


  • Blur_Version.4.55.76.Motorola-F100.Retail.en.US
  • Blur_Version.4.57.76.Motorola-F100.Retail.en.EU


  • Blur_Version.4.56.76.Motorola-F100.Retail.en.US
  • Blur_Version.4.58.76.Motorola-F100.Retail.en.EU

In terms of what has changed and will be new, those sporting a MOTOACTV should see an improvement in terms of battery life. According to Motorola, the MOTOACTV should now be able to get “8 hours of uninterrupted workout time.” And in addition, the update has added some new clock faces along with a new stopwatch feature and “much more.” With that, those looking to update the software can grab their device and navigate to DEVICE  >Check for Device Upgrade in MOTOCAST USB.

Via [Motorola]

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