Rockstar Games discounts Grand Theft Auto III for Android and iOS, has it temporarily priced at $2.99

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Rockstar Games, as they promised, released Grand Theft Auto III for Android and iOS on December 15th. The game launched with a $4.99 price tag for both platforms and since then that price has remained the same. And well, coming as of this morning, those who wanted to but have yet to make a purchase will be happy — the price has dropped. In short, Grand Theft Auto III is now priced at $2.99 for both Android and iOS. But that being said, the price drop is only temporary and will go back up to the regular $4.99 price point as of December 29th. In other words, make sure you buy before the 29th or it will end up costing you $2.00 more.

Via [Android Market] and [iOS App Store]

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