Amazon Instant Video channel updated on Roku players

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Amazon has just made some nice changes to the look and feel of its Instant Video channel on Roku. If you’re a current Roku user you’ll notice that the Amazon Instant Video channel’s home screen has been divided into two areas with viewing choices on the left and artworks that shows a new release located on the right side of the screen. The updated interface also now lets you quickly scroll through titles with the channel’s new grid screen format while inside a particular section. Additionally, the Instant Video channel also now lets you search from anywhere within the channel and there’s also now a new “Editor’s Picks” category which gives you suggestion on what to watch from the channel’s movies and TV sections.

The new Amazon Instant Video channel update is now being rolled out to all Roku players. To get the update, you must ensure that you have the latest Roku software installed. To do that, go to Settings>Player info> Check for updates on your Roku players. To get the updated Amazon channel, go to the Channel Store from the Roku home screen and simply select Amazon Instant Video.

That’s it. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows during the Holiday break!

Via [Roku Blog]

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