Latest “experimental” Dropbox build adds photo importer

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Dropbox has added a cool new feature to it’s latest “experimental” build: an auto-importer for photos. The latest build will automatically import photos from your memory card or camera and store them on Dropbox.

For now the new feature is only in the experimental build, but it’s available for PC, Mac, and Linux. If you enable the feature, you just need to plug a memory card or camera into your computer to have the photos sent to your Dropbox account, thus syncing them across all your devices. It might be a great way to backup your photos, but be wary of your dropbox account. Photos can easily take up a lot of your precious storage space, which is especially a concern if you only use the free 2GB version of Dropbox.

It’s not clear when this functionality will make it into the stable Dropbox build, so for the moment you’ll have to deal with some possible bugs if you want the auto-uploader. When it does come out, it could be great for those who take a lot of photos, as long as they monitor their storage usage carefully.

Read [Dropbox Forums] via [Wired]

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