Viral videos go head-to-head in YouTube Slam

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YouTube is a great place to see some of the most interesting and hilarious videos on the web. In my experience, many of the best YouTube videos were shown to me either in person, or through various social networks. This is how videos go viral, and YouTube wants your help in bringing more viral videos into the spotlight.

YouTube Slam was announced on Tuesday as a way to determine which videos are more popular among its users. YouTube Slam consists of two videos that are displayed side by side. You’re tasked with watching both videos and voting for which one you like best.

You’ll earn points and multipliers for correctly guessing what the most popular video is. You can also compare your score with others every week.

YouTube Slam is broken down into three categories – comedy, cute, music, dance and bizarre. The videos also tend to last no longer than a couple minutes.

In the end, YouTube Slam could be a good way to boost subscribers and a means to get valuable data concerning a user’s tastes.

Via [YouTube Blog]

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