Apple is still replacing those recalled 1st generation iPod nanos with 6th generation models

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Apple issued a recall on the 1st generation iPod nano back in mid-November and while many had probably requested a shipping box almost immediately, Apple appeared to be taking some time in getting those boxes sent out and the replacement units sent back. But that aside, we can now say with certainty that Apple is still replacing those 1st generation models with current 6th generation models. I had requested my replacement back when the recall was first issued and while it took Apple a few weeks to get a box shipped out, my 1st generation iPod nano was sent in and has officially gone through the process. Bottom line here, while the replacement iPod nano is still in the delivery phase, Apple has sent an email with the tracking number as well as the serial number for the old device and the new device. And in short, the serial number for the replacement device is for an “iPod nano (6th generation)”. I guess this is one time when it was beneficial to keep that old device.

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