Microsoft said to be making exclusive games to help boost Windows Phone

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Microsoft Windows Phone

According to recent rumors, Microsoft is finally playing to it’s strengths to help give Windows Phone an added boost. The Redmond giant is said to be developing games that would be exclusive to its Windows Phone platform.

The rumors comes from WMPoweruser, and is one that’s so obvious that Microsoft should have been doing it since the start. The games in question would theoretically be so great that users would switch to Windows Phone just to play them. Maybe it could mean the Xbox 360’s most popular series will soon see portable games on Windows Phone. We can only hope for a new Halo, Alan Wake, or Gears of War on the platform, maybe even a real Fable game or Banjo Kazooie.

Alongside the games Microsoft is still trying to get the best iOS apps over to Windows Phone. If Microsoft can pull of both of those strategies it could put a dent in the market. Maybe, just maybe this could mean we’ll see Microsoft acknowledge Windows Phone at E3 next year, unless the games are ready before then.

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