Spotify offers up a 2011 year in review, highlights the music we have been listening to

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We have talked about Spotify on a fairly regular basis this past year, which of course came as a result of the much hyped US launch as well as other goodies such as how they launched their own app platform. And well, it looks like Spotify is getting at least one more mention here on Gadgetell before the year comes to an end. This latest mention is not coming as a result of a new announcement or anything like that. Instead, it is a bit on the lighter side — a look back, a 2011 year in review. Basically, if you are curious as to what others have been listening to on Spotify then you are in luck. The year in review offers a look at the top 100 tracks by country. Of which they break down by Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain and USA. In addition, the year in review also offers a look at the best-of according to the folks at Spotify as well as a look back at the music that was released over the past year. And nicely done, that look back at the new releases is broken down by month.

Via [Spotify]

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