Nokia Ace LTE with Windows Phone leaked in holiday card

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It appears as if an image of the yet-to-be-announced Nokia Ace LTE smartphone has been revealed. Though, we should clarify, these images have arrived as screen captures from a video style holiday card. But regardless of their origin, it appears as if we are getting a decent look at what will be the Nokia Ace LTE smartphone for AT&T.

Otherwise, some of the other details that have since been revealed include that the Ace LTE will be one of three devices that AT&T launches in 2012. The other two include the HTC Radiant and the Samsung Mendel. The Ace LTE handset is also being referred to as the Lumia 900, which should make those in the US smile just a little bit. According to Paul Thurrott, this handset (along with the others) will be unveiled by AT&T and Nokia during CES in January. And lastly, in terms of a release date, it looks like the Nokia Ace LTE will be available with AT&T beginning on March 18, 2012.

That being said, look for us to bring some hands-on time with the handset when we arrive in Vegas for CES in just a few short weeks.

Via [PocketNow] and [supersite for Windows]

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