Phony Spotify app being sold in the Windows Phone Marketplace

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We’re used to seeing malicious and misleading apps in the Android Market. Microsoft even capitalized on the harsh reality of Android malware by offering  affected Android users free Windows Phone 7 smartphones. No matter how secure a platform maker’s app store may claim to be, there is always something that falls through the cracks. In Microsoft’s case, a fake Spotify app made it onto the Windows Phone Marketplace and is scamming unknowing customers out of their money.

The fake app is simply called “spotify.” It also uses one of Spotify’s trademarked icons. For $0.99, the app claims to allow a user “access to all new songs, trailors, [sic] lyrics new techs and news all in a same place [sic] in a single touch.”

Based on the lack of punctuation, a misspelling and an overall butchering of what makes a sentence flow properly, it’s clear Spotify is not behind this app.

No matter what platform you’re on, the real Spotify app doesn’t cost anything. The ability to use all the functionality of the real Spotify app will cost a monthly fee. Obviously, the fake “spotify” app does not provide access to millions of songs. It’s just a collection of  links for music, tech and movie news.

Site [Windows Phone Marketplace]

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