Customers urge Asus to unlock the Transformer Prime’s bootloader

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Hasbro isn’t the only entity to take issue with the Asus Transformer Prime. People who purchased the Asus Transformer Prime opened their shiny quad-core tablet only to learn the bootloader is locked. Asus’ Facebook page is currently littered with posts from disappointed customers criticizing Asus’ decision to lock the bootloader.

By locking the bootloader, Asus is preventing the Android community from having complete control over the Transformer Prime’s functionality. Android users love rooting their devices in order to benefit from custom ROMs. A lot of the time, custom ROMs actually improve the overall user experience.

As the premier quad-core Android tablet, it wouldn’t be wise for Asus to get on the bad side of the Android community.

There’s always a chance Asus will provide a way to unlock the bootloader on the Transformer Prime. A lot of HTC’s devices also had locked bootloaders, but the company provided a way to unlock it due to many customer requests.

Via [Asus Facebook Page]

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