Samsung says it isn’t planning a “Value Pack” update for the Galaxy S

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Near the end of December, it was reported that Samsung was most likely not going to update the Galaxy S to Android 4.0 due to the TouchWiz user interface. In an effort to appease customers, Samsung was supposedly going to release a “Value Pack” update that was going to provide updates that mirrored what’s available in Ice Cream Sandwich. Today, Samsung told The Next Web that’s not the case.

Samsung apparently has no plans to offer a Value Pack update to Galaxy S owners. This leaves owners of the smartphones with a couple options. They can either hope Samsung finds a way around TouchWiz, or get really comfortable with the hacking community. Eventually, someone will find a way to port ICS to the Galaxy S. If Samsung turns its back on the Galaxy S, rooting will be the only option left for ICS on the Galaxy S.

Via [The Next Web]

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