Asus will unlock Transformer Prime bootloader

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The launch of the Asus Transformer Prime was marred by the realization that Asus locked the tablet’s bootloader. The locked bootloader prevented customers from rooting their devices and installing custom ROMs. The mass disapproval of Asus’ decision was expressed by customers on the company’s Facebook page. Due to this strong negative reaction, Asus decided to unlock the bootloader for the Transformer Prime. However, there is a catch.

According to a translation on the Asus Taiwan Facebook page, Asus locked the bootloader mainly due to DRM concerns for media such as movies. Therefore, if you choose to use the bootloader unlocking tool, you’ll be unable to rent movies. Asus also said using the unlock tool will void the warranty on the Transformer Prime.

Asus will release the bootloader unlocking tool as soon as possible.

Asus also confirmed Transformer Prime tablets worldwide will start receiving an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on January 12.

Site [Asus Taiwan Facebook Page] (Taiwanese)


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