Samsung unveils the Galaxy M, budget phone with Super AMOLED

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Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Ace which was announced yesterday, Samsung unveiled another budget-friendly (relative to other unlock Samsung smartphones), phone that goes by the monicker – Samsung Galaxy M. Unlike the Galaxy Ace though, it’s still uncertain whether Samsung is planning to make it available outside Korea where it was launched today.

But hey,who knows Samsung might decide to give the Galaxy M an international release so it would be best for us to know what it has to offer. For starters, this phone features a Super AMOLED screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Said handset also boasts of single-core 1GHz processors. Sorry to disappoint you Tegra 2 fans, since this is a budget-friendly phone, the Tegra 2 processor will not be possible. The same goes true for the phone’s camera which is only 3MP. The good news is that it will be running Android Gingerbread OS which is most probably 2.3.5. Finally the price. The Samsung Galaxy M is said to retail for around $500. Yes, that’s budget-friendly enough considering that it is an unlocked version. Additionally, the Galaxy M will be available in silver, blue black and Pink color design. So, who’s wishing that this phone will be available outside Korea, then?

Via [Samsung Korea]

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