RunKeeper talks about the result of being a featured app in the Android Market

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RunKeeper has long been one of my favorite and most used apps. In fact, I have been using it to track my running since July of 2009. I used it to track and record the 1,356.7 miles that I ran in 2011 and will continue to use it in 2012. And well, while I am firmly in the I-use-and-really-like-RunKeeper camp, it seems like there are still plenty of potential users waiting to come aboard. And coming off that thought, it looks like the folks at RunKeeper have recently gotten a nice boost of downloads courtesy of the Android Market.

As it turns out, getting featured in the Android Market gave them a 637 percent increase in Android app downloads. That detail, along with a few others have come by way of the RunKeeper Blog where they talk about getting one of those prized featured slots. According to the folks at RunKeeper, getting fettered in the Android Market really does help.

“In just three days, we’ve seen RunKeeper Android App downloads skyrocket.”

Of course, it is hard to argue that a 637 percent increase would be considered skyrocketing. Additionally, the RunKeeper app has grown to number 3 in the Health and Fitness category which is up from previous rankings in the 20’s and they are also now number 288 in the entire Android Market.

That being said, if you have yet to check out RunKeeper, it is certainly worthily of a download. Plus, having an app that is available on multiple platforms is always nice. You know, just in case you ever switch from Android to iOS, or vice versa. With that, my goals for 2012 — run and finish a 100 miler this month and record a total of 2,000 miles for the year. What about you, what are your fitness goals for the year?

Via [RunKeeper Blog]

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