The Roku Streaming Stick stuffs a Smart TV into a very small package

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Roku is taking its streaming platform one step further by introducing what it’s calling the Streaming Stick. The Streaming Stick is Roku’s solution to the traditional Smart TV. Roku argues that Smart TVs have an update cycle that requires customers to purchase a brand new set far more often than they would like. With the Streaming Stick, Roku will provide a cheap alternative to buying a Smart TV. You may even be able to use the Streaming Stick with the HDTV you currently own.

The Streaming Stick fits into an MHL-enabled HDMI port on many existing televisions. The Streaming Stick has built-in Wi-Fi, memory and upgradeable software. Since this is a Roku product, you can also expect to stream video content from all of Roku’s channels in 1080p HD. The remote that came with your television should also control navigation on the Streaming Stick.

The Roku Streaming Stick will be available sometime this year for between $50-$100. Best Buy will also bundle the Streaming Stick with some Insignia televisions.

If you have an older (but not necessarily old) HDTV, you may not have the MHL-enabled HDMI required to operate the streaming stick.

Via [Roku Blog]

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