Falling Vita sales causes retailer discounts

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The PlayStation Vita debuted with much fanfare and good sales, but the party didn’t last long. The second week of Vita sales in Japan dropped sharply. Even the PSP outsold the Vita between December 19-25. In response to this, some Japanese retailers are taking it upon themselves to make the Vita more popular by initiating price cuts.

According to Playfront, at least one Japanese retail outlet cut the price of the 3G Vita from ¥29,980 down to ¥24,999. If you’re looking for a dollar amount, Google translates those amounts as being roughly $390 and $325.

It appears the Wi-Fi Vita is holding steady at ¥24,980. Gamers apparently don’t care if their Vita can connect to a 3G network. They would rather spend that extra money on games and memory cards.

Even though the Vita hasn’t been released outside of Japan yet, I believe the reaction to the 3G model will be the same around the world. The 20MB download cap on the North American Vita certainly makes it less appealing.

Via [Playfront] (Dutch)

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