HTC Radiant image for AT&T leaks, flagship LTE device should launch soon

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The crew over at Microsoft doesn’t want Android to be the only platform taking advantage of AT&T’s recently introduced LTE network.  We’ve been hearing a decent amount of information regarding the HTC Radiant in the past weeks and months and it looks like the picture is starting to come together.

Essentially, the HTC Radiant will be a solid upgrade over the HTC Titan, and its main feature to claim is LTE connectivity.  In addition, it is expected to boast a single-core 1.5GHz processor, Windows Phone 7.5, a large 4.7 inch touch screen display, 512MB of RAM, 1,600mAh battery (a larger battery is necessary since LTE requires more power), and a 5MP rear facing camera with dual LED flash.

We expect HTC to announce the new Radiant (it will probably launch with a different name) during CES in the coming week.

Via [PocketNow]

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