Is Google working on a 7-inch Nexus tablet? Rumors are saying yes.

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All of this is still based on a previous statement from Eric Schmidt. Well, that and a mix of some rumor and speculation, however taking that aside and it looks like Google may be working on a 7-inch tablet. Of course, that previous statement from Schmidt was talking about how Google was planning to market a high quality sometime in the next six months. More specifically, Schmidt stated that Google was planning to market “a tablet of the highest quality.” Of course, we here at Gadgetell think that a key word is market, not build. But that aside, said rumored tablet would be of the 7 inch variety and it will arrive running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and priced so that it will compete with the Kindle Fire. In other words, somewhere in the ballpark of $199. And lastly, according to a recent DigiTimes report, the tablet would be ready and available for sale as soon as April.

Via [Business Insider]

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