Instagram getting a bit cozier with Facebook

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It looks like Instagram has gotten a bit more friendly with Facebook lately. And this will come as good news for those who like uploading and sharing their Instagram photos with their Facebook friends. Moving forward, any Instagram images that you share on Facebook will be added to a new(ly created) gallery called Instagram Photos. And yes, just to clarify this — those images will be visible to all of your Facebook friends.

Additionally, those Instagram images will appear full-sized in the News Feed along with the caption that you added. The News Feed will also offer a link to the public URL of that image (on the Instagram site). And of course, as with any other images that appear in your News Feed or on your Timeline — these images can then be reshared by your friends.

Lastly, previously uploaded Instagram images will not automatically appear in this new Instagram Photos gallery. On a positive note though, the folks at Instagram have offered up a support center page detailing how to get them added. You know, just in case you are feeling a little OCD and are needing to have all of your Instagram images (old and new) in the Instagram Photos gallery.

Via [Instagram Blog]

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