Your unlimited free music from Spotify could coming to an end

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On July 14, 2011 Spotify officially launched in the US. That means the service will have been available to Americans for six months in about a week. If you signed up right when the service launched, that could mean you’ll soon be facing some limitations on your music.

For the first six months of your Spotify account you can listen to music as much as you want for free, as long as you’re willing to deal with the ads. After those six months you’re limited to just 10 hours of music each month. There’s limitations on songs as well, you’ll only be able to listen to each song five times over the course of the month. So if you have one playlist that you listen to everyday that doesn’t change often, expect to have most of the playlist not work after just one work week.

Spotify hopes that by limiting your music after six months it’ll entice you to buy either one of the paid subscription services. There’s a $5 Premium plan which gives you unlimited music on your desktop without ads, and a $10 Unlimited plan that lets you listen to the music on your smartphone as well.

I’ve been using the Premium plan for a few months now, and I’d say it’s worth the money, especially if you don’t listen to artists that refuse to put new albums on Spotify (full disclosure: Spotify gave me three months free to test the Unlimited plan which I recently had to start paying for).  It certainly beats paying $10 per album every few weeks when you find a new artist you like. Having access to almost any music you’d ever want at any time for $5 or $10 is a pretty great deal.

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