Sprint denies allegations of throttling data, reiterates its policy of unlimited data

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As quickly as CEO Dan Hesse got his company into trouble he was able to get them out of it as well.  Apparently, a misquote/misunderstanding of Hesse during an investor’s meeting led for many blogs to conclude that Sprint has been throttling the top 1% of data users, thereby misleading customers with its unlimited data stance.

Ever since AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless switched to tiered data, many assumed Sprint would ultimately be next, but it has remained firm on its unlimited data position for a while now.  After the allegations of throttling the top 1%, Sprint issued a community blog post reiterating its adamant position of unlimited data.

Here is the full message:

“Reports that Sprint throttles the top one percent of data users are false. Here are the facts:

  • Sprint does not throttle any postpaid phone data users for on-network or off-network usage. Sprint is the only national carrier offering smartphone users truly unlimited data with no throttling, metering or overages while on the Sprint network.
  • Sprint does have terms and conditions which prohibit certain types of data use that may impair other customers’ usage or harm or interfere with the network. At yesterday’s investor conference, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was referring to Sprint’s right to terminate service of data abusers who violate Sprint’s terms and conditions. Customers who abuse our network by violating the terms and conditions will be contacted by Sprint in an effort to have the customer change their usage to comply with their subscriber agreement. Customers who do not change their usage and remain in violation of the terms and conditions may be subject to actions reserved by Sprint, including but not limited to termination. Consistent with our advertising, engaging in such uses will not result in throttling for customers on unlimited data-included plans for phones.”

In order to compete with the other wireless carriers, it is necessary for Sprint to have a leg up and unlimited data certainly provides this edge.

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