Dolphin Browser for iPhone and iPad updated to version 3.0

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For those of you who are using Dolphin Browser app on your iPhone or iPad might want to check out the update to the app which just went live. Dolphin Browser for the iPhone and iPad is now at version 3.0 and although the update doesn’t bring really that much difference when it comes to features and functionality, it does make the app’s performance more stable and speedier. Of course, if you’re using this mobile browser, you’ll be familiar with Webzine. So the update also made it easier to add new webzine columns to your existing ones. Dolphin Browser 3.0 also fixes page loading issues, crash bugs for those on iOS 5 as well as the keyboard popup issue that has been affecting certain websites. Overall, an important update that every Dolpin Browser user on iPhone and iPad should not neglect. So, hit up the via link below now, folks.

via [iTunes App Store]

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