CES 2012: Ion shrinks the iCade to make the iCade Jr

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Ion iCade JrWith the iCade Ion made a great faux arcade cabinet for the iPad, and this year the iPhone can pin in the fun with the Ion iCade Jr.

The iCade Jr is just what you think it’s be: a shrunken version of the iCade. Thise version is made to fit the iPhone or iPod touch, making it quite a bit smaller. This also means that the joystick and buttons are miniature as well. It seems like it could be a bit cramped, but at least four of the buttons have been moved to the rear of the device to make it easier to use. Even so, it seems like even more of a novelty item than the original iCade, which is saying a lot.

The iCade Jr will launch sometime this year for $49.99.

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