CES 2012: Ion wants your iPad to help teach you guitar

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Ion Guitar ApprenticeIon makes more than just the iCade and it’s myriad spin-off products, it also makes devices to try to breach instruments. The newest such device is the Ion Guitar Apprentice.

The Guitar Apprentice is a $99 plastic guitar with a spot to hold in your iPad. Along the neck there’s a total of 84 buttons that correspond to the strings and frets on a regular guitar. As with other iOn music teach devices it uses the iPad to explain what you’re doing, and then lights up the buttons you need to press in order to do that.

Ion says the buttons on the plastic quitar have been made to feel like you’re really playing with the strings of a guitar, but that seems a bit unlikely. Still, it seems like a pretty great device if you want to learn how to play guitar and you have an iPad. It’ll be out sometime this year with a price tag of $99.99.

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  • Shirlene Begay

    I’ve just taken my first guitar lesson and found it, not only do I have to trim my nails the strings hurt my fingers. But I was fascinated with the “iCade”? Don’t really want to cheat but I’m always up for technology. Where can I find one of these instruments?