CES 2012: Griffin Studio Connect hands-on

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In addition to the yet-to-be-announced Twenty Audio Amplifier from Griffin, they of course also had some other goodies out on display. And one of those items was the Studio Connect. The Griffin Studio Connect is expected to debut for sale sometime in the spring and will be priced at $150. The Studio Connect will dock your iPad for music playback and has goodies such as;

  • Audio In — Complete with its own gain control. Plug in your instrument though a mono 1/4″ jack or plug a mixer into StudioConnect’s stereo 3.5 mm jack.
  • Audio Out — Left and right line-level RCA plugs. Also a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack with its own volume knob helps monitor what’s going in and out.

In addition, the Studio Connect will also marry up with the MIDI Connect which is going to be priced at $80 and similar to the Studio Connect — is set to come avaialble in the spring. Otherwise, some of the key points for the MIDI are as follows;

  • MIDI In — Connect your MIDI controller through a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI-in port.
  • MIDI Out — A second 5-pin DIN connector accepts a sequencer, sound module or other MIDI gear, allowing your iPad and favorite MIDI apps to act as a MIDI controller.
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