CES 2012: Powerbag seems to be stealing the attention here at CES [Power in a bag]

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We still plan to have a full review up for the Powerbag after we return from CES, however we did want to take some time to share the details of the product. But first, it may just be an artificial buzz here at CES, but we have to say that the name Powerbag seems to be coming up quite often. Of course, mixing a gadget such as the Powerbag with a bunch of geeks carrying lots of gear and it almost seems like a match made in heaven.

As for the Powerbags, there are a few models available — each of which offer varying amounts of storage along with built-in charging cords for Apple, mini USB and USB devices and can even plug directly into a wall outlet. Yup, you can plug your gadgets into your Powerbag and then plug the bag itself into the wall. From there, your gadgets will charge up. But perhaps a little nicer and where the name powerbag comes from — the bag has built-in power. The built-in power comes by way of a battery pack.

In terms of that battery pack, once your bag is plugged in, it will charge up after your other gadgets finish topping off. The built-in batteries come in a few options including 3000, 6000 and 9000 mAh. In other words, enough to charge several gadgets.

The bags also have an easy to use power button as well as an LED indicator light to show how much internal power you have remaining. And lastly, the bags are currently available in the following styles; Backpack, Briefcase and Messenger.

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