CES 2012: Audiovox brings Android to the back seat

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Audiovox announced several new products during its CES 2012 press conference. One of those products is an Android-based entertainment center that fits into the back of a vehicle’s headrest. Audiovox insists this isn’t just an Android tablet stuffed into a headrest. 

The device doesn’t have a proper name, but Audiovox is making it a part of its rear seat entertainment (RSE) product line. It will become available during the third quarter of 2012 and will carry both Audiovoxx and Advent branding.

Audiovox’s goal is to expand upon what backseat entertainment has become known for. Usually, we associate back seat monitors as screens that mostly show DVDs. With these new RSE devices, backseat passengers have access to an undisclosed version of Android with full Wi-Fi capabilities. The Wi-Fi signal needs to come from an external source such as a Mi-Fi unit or mobile hotspot.

The RSE units also has connections for an SD card, HDMI or USB cables.

Control of the devices is done with a wireless Bluetooth controller.

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