CES 2012: Archos G9 tablets will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in early February

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Fresh into day one of CES and we have sat down with the folks from Archos and it looks like we have some good news for anyone sporting one of the newer Archos branded tablets. The line we are referring to is the G9, both the 10 inch and 8 inch varieties. Bottom line here, it looks like you will soon have a software update available. The much anticipated update to Android 4.0 is expected to arrive sometime in early February and at least based on the currently available information, it looks like you will be getting Android 4.0.3. Otherwise, in addition to the already purchased tablets getting an upgrade to ICS, those who are still considering a purchase should be able to buy an Archos G9 with ICS pre-installed a bit later in February. In terms of what you can expect once ICS arrives, it will be (for the most part) a vanilla experience. That being said, a few changes/tweaks will be onboard. For example, Archos has added a few special widgets and they also have easier access to some of the commonly used settings (you can see that in the image below). And also worth noting, for those who may have skipped over some of the Archos Android tablet news in the past due to the lack of Android Market, remember Archos now has a Google certification which means the G9 lineup comes with the Android Market by default.

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